Vega Testing

The Vega Test is a safe, non-invasive, painless and accurate tool used to gather information about your body. It is based on electro-acupuncture where acupuncture points in the hands are used to measure the electro-magnetic response to various test substances.

Clinically relevant information is gained from measuring the response of the body to the stimulus. The Vega test has a substantial track record and has been used successfully in Europe and North America for over 40 years.

Vega Testing is particularly helpful for conditions where the cause is unknown or pathology work does not detect an abnormality yet the patient still feels unwell. Also helpful in the prevention of disease where disturbances in the energy field of the patient have not yet progressed into a physical manifestation of disease.

The Vega test is also helpful in assessing the remedies that would be most appropriate for the patient at their current time.

Vega testing can be used for a range of conditions, including supplying information regarding nutritional imbalances or deficiencies, allergy testing, general organ function, detoxification status, food intolerances, heavy metal toxicity, most stressed organ and a range of other functions all contributing to the clinical picture of the patient. Together with the case taking of the patient and any other relevant testing, a treatment plan is designed for each patient.

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