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Anna Kubicki- Chiropractor


Dr Anna Kubicki is a graduate from RMIT University with a double Bachelor degree (Bachelor of Clinical Science/Bachelor of Chiropractic Science). She is a full member of the Chiropractors Association of Australia

Dr Anna has a very open and approachable manner which has been reinforced by her extensive travel overseas. During this time she worked in Ireland in a variety of clinics, both rural and metropolitan with a multi-national patient base. As a result of this, she has experience treating people of all different ages and backgrounds with a variety of different complaints from muscle and joint pains to pins & needles, muscle weakness etc to achieve optimum well-being. Over the years she has seen first-hand the amazing power of Chiropractic and the huge impact it has on people’s lives.

Her treatment approach is more in tune with the person as a whole and their needs as opposed to a single symptom. This approach incorporates chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work, nutrition advice, rehabilitation, posture advice plus anything else that may be required to help the patient achieve their full potential.