Dr Sohial Farzam (TCM)
Emotional Wellbeing Acupuncturist


Values, Empowerment, Transformation…

Powerful words, and words that come up time and time again when Sohial Farzam’s clients talk about the results he’s helped them achieve.

Sohial’s goal in treating anxiety, stress, depression and self doubt, is to help others gain higher levels of understanding, intelligence and conscious awareness about themselves, their behaviours, and their relationships.

Sohial will help you break through your emotional blocks using many profound principles.

  1. You can wait for change to come to you – OR you can create change from within you
  2. You have everything you need to be inspired from within
  3. You have every trait that you seek from others around you…within you
  4. A great mentor holds up a mirror and invites you to explore your greatnes

Sohial will help you explore Your greatness, Your true potential, Your ability to Breakthrough, and guide Your transformation into the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be.

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