I stumbled on Reid Health by chance a decade ago after seeking Myotherapy services in my area to treat a particular work induced condition.
I was quickly amazed by the diversity of offerings at Reid Health and slowly started exploring various complementary modalities, until I found the right combination for me. Over the years and with the help of the practitioners at Reid Health, I have gained a deeper understanding of my body and it’s functions and have experienced better health and vitality because of it. The staff are always friendly and accommodating. They listen, are patient and acutally care. The premises are always clean and inviting. You feel comfortable there. This is why I trust Reid health with the health of those I love the most in life, my family & friends. .

Reid are now our family clinic, we can always rely on them and we recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to improve their health. So do yourself a favour and give Hamish, Elle & the Team at Reid Health a call. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for everything <3
Sophie, Justin & Nick